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So let’s talk about dental health for all:
Amongst many priorities in life, ‘keeping all my teeth intact’ must be one of them. While some go through life without the need, most people require some assistance from the dentist to lead a qualitative life.

On the globe there are many who cannot afford & there are many who cannot reach a dentist. This is the paradox of a ‘civilized’ world !

People in the medical / dental profession in generally, having acquired the skills to alleviate pain & suffering of humans’ beings, are not readily available and affordable to all. So, I wonder if it is 'fair' to keep humanitarian services totally commercialized.

And some questions pop up in my head;

  1. How much of our time & talent must be shared with those who need it?
  2. How can we reach out to the remotely located, and the poor?
  3. Aren’t trained professionals obligated to devote a little time to community service?

Today, in a world filled with clichés of the type; I am very busy’, ‘I have no time’, it is time for us to introspect.

It is NOT enough to resolve to do some charity at the fag end of our career or lives, but must contribute as we go along. I believe compassion and love is intuitively in every one of us, and that we must practice it.
Let us Create Awareness and Take Action Now!

Dr.Prithvi Raval
Practicing Dental Surgeon & Prosthodontist

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